Window Repair and Renovation

Why repair?

Window Repair

Traditional windows can be made wind and weather tight very easily, and a few small repairs can improve the efficiency of your home almost as much as new windows can, at a fraction of the cost of new ones. Repairs of traditional windows are almost always cheaper than replacements. We will never replace an historic window unless it is beyond economic repair. In the very rare cases that a window is beyond economic repair we can make a replacement window in our joinery workshop, our team of skilled joiners can match like for like with painstaking attention to detail.

Do I need permission to repair my windows?

No, you do not need any formal consent or permission to repair existing windows but you would require permission to replace or even install double glazing into an historic window. Occasionally when the window is beyond repair we can work with you to apply for permission to change them.

The Refurbishment Process

Stage 1

Traditional Window Repair

The window is carefully removed from the window frame. Any rotten timber found in the sashes, frame or sill is removed to show the good timber. Excess paint is removed to allow smooth window operation. Our unique resin is used to fill gaps left by the removal of rotten timber and is moulded to fit in with the existing shape of the profile. New timber is spliced in where the existing timber is impossible to repair. Occasionally the sill is beyond repair so a replacement sill is manufactured in our joinery workshop and installed. Sash cords are replaced, pulleys are checked and the weights correctly balanced to ensure that the window works very smoothly.

Stage 2

New parting beads and staff beads that work with a Teflon Gasket complete the seal. The Teflon gasket we use has great acoustic properties and does not clog up with paint, it out performs the commonly used brush seal. Once installed, draughts and rattles are eliminated and the noise, heat loss and dust is greatly reduced. A groove is routed out of the meeting rail and pile carriers are installed with the correct size gasket to ensure a snug fit. Once we have put your windows back together they will work better than when they were brand new and they will also be much more efficient.

What if your windows are beyond repair?

When your windows are beyond economical repair we can replace your window like for like in our joinery workshop. We can also offer a double glazing service for your existing windows, an upgrade from single glazed units to heritage double glazed units without the need to replace the frame or the box of the original window. This process gives you the benefits of a modern window but keeping the traditional look.

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