Draught Proofing at Barleywood Joinery

Draught Proofing

We offer draught proofing for sash and casement windows so you can preserve the charm of your traditional windows whilst benefitting from properly sealed units. Well maintained windows fitted with draught proofing are more energy efficient, saving you money on your heating bills and keeping you warm and cosy. Once installed, draughts and rattles are eliminated and the window offers more sound proofing than before.

How do we do it?

New parting beads and staff beads that work with a Teflon Gasket complete the seal around your window. The Teflon gasket we use has great acoustic properties and does not clog up with paint - it out performs the commonly used brush seal. A groove is routed out of the meeting rail and pile carriers are installed with the correct size gasket to ensure a snug fit. Once we have put your windows back together they will work better than when they were brand new and they will also be much more efficient.

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