Double Glazing at Barleywood Joinery

Double Glaze your existing windows

Here at Barleywood Joinery we can install slimline double-glazed units which fit into the existing rebates of most traditional windows and doors. This provides you with all the benefits of modern windows without the cost of renewing your windows. By using slimline double glazed units we can double glaze windows with a glazing bar thickness down to 21mm.

Barleywood Sash window restoration can double glaze your existing sash windows without the costly expense and disruption of replacing the whole sash box and frames. Using a slimline double glazed unit we are able to fit this into the existing frame which means the original look of the window is retained. By doing so the home owner gains all the thermal and sound benefits without compromising the charm, character or value of your property.

Install new slimline double glazed inserts into your existing frames

Our unique Sash inserts can be installed in place of your original old sliding sashes. Providing the framework is in good condition there is no need for the removal of the complete window frame, we simply remove your old sashes and install our new sash inserts, so no major plastering or redecorating is required after installation.

The Sash insert option offers all of the traditional features of a sash window but with a the modern touch of double glazing and draught proofing. Sash inserts offer an increased level of performance and comply with the latest building regulation requirements.

Double Glazing

Why do we use Heritage Slimline Units?

Creating a workable balance between the conservation of period buildings and the provision of energy efficient and comfortable homes has long been an issue for Architects, Planners, Conservation Officers and home owners. Slim units are constructed using narrower cavities between the panes of glass than standard double glazing units, and perfectly replicate the appearance and features of single glazing on original timber windows. This allows a home owner to gain all the thermal and sound benefits of double glazing without compromising the character, charm or value of their property. From the exterior and the interior you can barely see that the windows have been fitted with double glazing. With standard double glazing it is immediately apparent that the glass has been changed which is detrimental to the aesthetic character of the property as well as its overall value. The thermal efficiency benefits of slim or thin double glazing can now be even better than that of standard double-glazing, achieving U-values (the term used to measure thermal efficiency) as low as 1.2 Wm2K on a 6mm gas-filled cavity, depending on the type of gas fill used.

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